Foto: Erik Lindvall

In English

A Guided Tour of Gentlemen’s Clubs

Carl Olof Berg leads you on an immersive journey through various gentlemen’s clubs, examining the shaping of bodies within different environments and the complexities of societal expectations. Join us as we traverse the Rikssalen at Stockholm Palace, the echo-free room at the research laboratory, and the leather club in a downtown cellar. The guided tour, conducted in simple English, concludes with a melodious love song on the Marita accordion. Recommended for ages 15 and up.

Princess Workout “Get Fit with Birgitta”

Experience three historical methods of disciplining the female body through Carl Olof’s engaging narrative. “Fit with Birgitta” explores an exercise and weight loss program from 1967, authored by Swedish Princess Birgitta in collaboration with the magazine Husmodern. Accompanied by vintage illustrations and jazz tunes, immerse yourself in the princess’s instructions to take it easy and not overstrain. All are welcome to participate in the exercises, regardless of prior experience!

Pop Quiz on an Untuned Piano

Test your knowledge of pop music history with a quiz featuring songs written exclusively by men. Grab the opportunity to borrow the quiz if you have an untuned piano at home (not a synth or keyboard) and guess the years, titles, songwriters, and artists of iconic pop tunes. With each correct answer, you’ll move closer to the piano and Bögen, Carl Olof’s one-man cover band. Additionally, the person borrowing the pop quiz can request a song in advance, which will be incorporated into the competition.

About Carl Olof Berg:

Carl Olof Berg, originally from the residential area of Sommarro in Karlstad, now resides and works in Stockholm. With over 20 years of experience in dance, theater, film, opera, art, and music, Carl Olof’s artistic practice as a choreographer draws inspiration from these fields as well as from his own upbringing.

Using his own body and its queer history as material and method in his work, Carl Olof explores themes of identity, sexuality, intimacy, and societal expectations regarding our bodies. His choreographies often confront audiences in non-traditional settings such as private homes, classrooms, and changing rooms. He delves into questions concerning the bodily practices that create and reproduce male prestige and the intersections between the body, social structures, and movement.

In 2018, Carl Olof was nominated for the Swedish Theatre Critics’ Dance Award for “Hemma hos dig med Carl Olof” and his performance “Rapport från ett omklädningsrum” was selected for bibu 2018. In 2019, his choreography “Skirtpower” for Dance Company Spinn won the award for the year’s sensory orgasm at the Performing Arts Gala. Alongside a Master’s degree in choreography from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, Carl Olof also holds a silver medal in Lambada and a Värmland Championship in solo disco dancing.

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