Choose between the following one-man shows.

Guided Tour of Gentlemen´s Clubs

In a story about grand heritages and cultures of silence and sexuality, Carl Olof brings you along on a guided journey in your own home. The performance focuses on how our surroundings shape and transform our bodies, claiming the throne and, at the same time, abdicating it. Welcome to the Hall of State at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, the echo-free room in a science lab, and the leather club in a basement downtown! The guided tour ends with a love song on the accordion Marita. Note: Recommended Audience Age 15 Years Minimum.

Princess Workout “Get fit with Birgitta”

In the Princess Workout, you will experience three historical stories of how the female body has been disciplined, as performed by Carl Olof. This performance weaves historical and autobiographical events. For instance, Spänsta med Birgitta (Get fit with Birgitta), is the fitness and diet programme on LP that HRM Swedish Princess Birgitta released in 1967 in collaboration with the weekly magazine Husmodern (The House Wife). To illustrations and the jazz music of Harry Arnold, you will hear the princess instruct us to ”…take it easy in the beginning, do not overexert yourself!” You are welcome to participate in the work out, no previous experience needed!

Out of Tune Piano Pop Quiz

Who really wrote Madonna’s ”Like a Virgin” and what year was it released? A clue: all songs in this quiz are written by men. If you are in possession of an out-of-tune piano (no synthesizer or keybord), you can experience the Pop Quiz and compete in this fun musical test! Guess the year, title, writer, and singer! For every right answer you move closer to the piano and The Fag, Carl Olof´s one-man cover-band. If you select the Pop Quiz, you also get to request any one song that will be included in the competition. Song request must be made prior to the Home Delivery.