Frequently Asked Questions

Start with checking the calendar if and when Carl Olof is scheduled in your area. Choose the performance you´d like to borrow. Make the reservation by leaving name and phone number on the answering machine of the booking phone number +46 (0)769 45 44 44. Carl Olof will return your call within a few days and together you will schedule the Home Delivery and visit.


A cup of coffee. If you want to book the performance to your home, your only obligation is a photo of Carl Olof in your home and a cup of coffee.

FYI, the local cultural institution that organizes the Home Deliveries, pays his salary.


No, Carl Olof adapts to the location and will perhaps move a furniture or two if he finds it necessary and with your approval.

No, Carl Olof has neither dust nor animal allergies.

Your library card is valid for the rest of your life or, for as long as the project is active. The next time Carl Olof resides in your area, just make the call and book him.

No. Only the person who resides in the house has the right to make the booking for their home. The performance, however, may easily function as a surprise for your invited guests in your home.


No. You can only book Carl Olof for your own home. Home Delivery with Carl Olof is all about the home as a stage. You are, however, most welcome to invite your colleagues to your home for an experience!


214 times (until March 2019), among other places he has performed in homes in Uppsala, Skellefteå, Vadstena, Oxelösund, Stockholm, Bräcke, Varberg, Berlin (Germany) and Karlstad.


In Sweden: Uppsala City Theater, Konstnärshuset Stockholm, Swedish National Touring Theater, The Municipality of Skellefteå, Art Space Spisrummet, Scenkonst Sörmland and others.

In Germany: Gallery Rockelmann & in Berlin.