Hello and welcome to Home Delivery with Carl Olof!

Home Delivery with Carl Olof is an art project created in collaboration with individuals in their homes. Choreographer Carl Olof Berg offers three different one-man shows that can be borrowed, and enjoyed in your own home, in exchange for a cup of coffee.

Carl Olof has made over 200 Home Deliveries since 2015. You, as audiences, may choose between a Guided Tour of Gentlemen´s Clubs, a Princess Workout “Get fit with BIrgitta”, or an Out of Tune Piano Pop Quiz. Each performance is approximately 30 minutes long. You are welcome to invite as many guests as you like or experience the performance by yourself. No additional preparations are needed. After the first performance, you will receive a library card that entitles you to two additional Home Delivery performances. At the end of the performance, you are requested to take a polaroid photograph of Carl Olof to mark the moment of the Home Delivery, as part of documentation, which will be yours to keep.

Home Delivery with Carl Olof wishes to open doors and to offer a personal conversation on issues of masculinity, identity, intimacy, connections between private and public, and the larger conversation about gender construction.


Performance idea and concept Carl Olof Berg

First performance April 2015 Konstnärshuset Stockholm

Costume designer Sissel Kärneskog

Library card design Brita Lindvall Leitmann

Website text editor Radhica Ganapathy

Website photos Erik Lindvall

Website design Pipí cucú

Thanks to Kerstin Schroth, Paloma Madrid, Kathleen Quinlan and Vilma Seth


This is how Home Delivery with Carl Olof works:
1. Choose the performance you´d like to borrow to experience. Check the calendar for Carl Olof’s availability in your area.
2. Make the reservation by leaving name and phone number on the answering machine of the booking phone number +46 (0)769 45 44 44.
3. Carl Olof will return your call within a few days and together you will schedule the Home Delivery visit.
4. You decide if you would like to experience the performance at home by yourself, or invite as many friends as you would like.
5. No prior preparations are required, other than a cup of coffee for Carl Olof.
6. When the performance is over, you will get a library card that entitles you to two additional performances delivered in your home. And thus, a chance to experience all the three performances offered by Carl Olof.
7. Finally, you will take a photograph of Carl Olof in your home. This photo is yours to keep and is also a part of the official documentation of the project. This photo will then be posted on Carl Olof’s Instagram.