About Carl Olof

Carl Olof Berg grew up in the suburban area of Sommarro, in Karlstad, Sweden. He currently lives and works out of his home in Stockholm. He has 20 years of experience working in performing arts in the areas of dance, theatre, film, opera, art and music. In his artistic practice as a choreographer, he extracts experiences and aesthetics from all of the above disciplines and expressions. He uses his body and its queer history as both material and method. In his choreographies he examines identity, sexuality, intimacy and cultural expectations on bodies. Currently he is investigating questions about masculinity, and the intersections between the body, social structures, and movement. His performances often meet audiences in untraditional spaces, such as private homes, classrooms, and locker rooms.

In 2018 year he was nominated for the Swedish Theatre-Critics dance-award for ”Home Delivery with Carl Olof”. The same year his performance Rapport från ett omklädningsrum (Report from a Locker Room) was elected to Bibu, Swedish performing arts biennal for youth and children. In 2019, his choreography ”Skirtpower” created for the dance company, Danskompaniet Spinn, won the price of ”sensory orgasm of the year” on the Scenkonstgalan.

Carl Olof Berg has a Master in Choreography from DOCH, Stockholm University of The Arts, he is the proud bearer of a silver medal in the National Swedish Championship in Lambada and has won a Värmland-championship in single-disco.

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